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Aftermaths are not better than no maths at all

I do not want to be excited for a new possibility anymore. I am tired of being a fool for possibility, for support, for understanding, for help. I am tired of humans who tell me to be resilient or strong or less picky as if I haven’t, I’m not, and continuing to be less picky […]

Learned Helplessness, Hopelessness… thoughts

Cross-posting from another venue because I rather like the ad lib, sans polish of it all. My hope is that ‘you’ will, too. There’s nothing wrong with feeling helpless or hopeless when experiencing inescapable limitations, particularly when the experience is directly due to a lack of ethical adherence to standardized quality of life independent of […]

Morris Theory – Observation creates information.

Morris’ precusor is a theory that leads to validation of Shannon’s ‘Information Theory’, to wit, “Information is the resolution of uncertainty.” Morris’ precursor theorizes: Observation establishes information from probability; therefore the more accurate statement is that ‘Observation is the resolution of uncertainty’ as without the observation, no information can be attained. Additionally, it is the […]

KLF Spectrum Alert: Lateral is Literal (and vice versa)

LINE 1: Literal is lateral and lateral is literal and all is as it should be LINE 2: It is the mind that seeks to know the thing that crafts the fait accompli LINE 3: The consciousness of a human who thinks it knows could not ever forsee LINE 4: That tis the quiet of […]

Spiky Profiles – A Secret In Plain Sight

two panel, stacked vertically; top panel represents austim as a top to bottom spectrum, with two beings speaking of it as 'very autistic? no!' and 'little autistic? no!', the bottom panel has circle with pie slices of trait categories prevelant in autism, with two beings speaking as follows, 'we're both autistic' and 'but we have different strengths and difficulties'. the pie slices are labeled as follows: social skills, communication, repetitions, executive function, interests, perception, sensitivities, other. the credit is @autism_happy_place

The correct, lower panel is presenting an item referred to as a ‘spiky profile’, in which unique combinations of strengths and weaknesses in trait areas associated with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD or autism). The spike (trait) areas our profile focuses on are those in which we are known to experience differences in either phenotype or […]

Cliffs and Vinings and Left Behind-ings…

They last conversation we had, I recall I told you that many of my male friends over time and life had found partners and, once they did, they dropped out of my visibility and life without much seeming delay and usually, without indicating it was happening. I mentioned that I would like knowing in advance, […]

Digital Dignity: Why Your Data Belongs To You

[PROMPT] I have a theory that states all data points belong to the actor who created them. I justify this stance via current United States Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws, and related case law and precedents. Can you set forth the principles of this stance, based upon information deduced or inferred from the information as […]

XPOST: Reddit – Why I support #neurodivergence and #neurodiversity in the #actuallyautistic discourse

Well, trying to be even-handed, there are layers to unpack in this thing because: This autistic human, with whom I have enjoyed engaging on Twitter (once upon a time, long ago) and elsewise, usually holds salient and well lensed discussions around sometimes polarizing or uncomfortable topics and seems to manage it far better than I […]