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2022 is not a perfect number

Just to be clear – neither am I. I’m a messy human, just like you. All of you.

I share in your generalities, but am unique in my experiences and my expression thereof. Just like you. All of you.

My unique experiences are neither inferior nor superior to yours.

In that we are humans, they are the same as yours.

In that we are humans, they are experienced as they emerge through action and behavior — the first being driven by the slender hair we call “intellect” and the latter, by the organic engine that is engaged by and engages with the environment and biosphere in ways we do not yet clearly see, nor fully understand.

In that we are humans, this emergent series of experiences that we cumulatively call history, or ‘my story’, or mystery, terma, dogma, scripture…. [insert reference of cultural conglomerative or religious or philosophical or ethical system here]? They are literally hearsay, every instance by reference and none existing evidently outside the author.

The contract, the fabricant devoutly oiled as progressive, happily grinds the meat that makes the sausage that feeds the castle upon the hill. The new feudalism is no different than the old, except that it now presents in deceptively poisonous trappings or wrappings that kill every part of our biosphere they touch.

This is no progress. This is pathetic mimicry at scale; an attempt to outrun effects that is both a cosmic and credibility pointer:

If you are attempting to outrun the effects arising from your causes, you are admitting you understand both well enough to make that choice, or that you are unable to reliably do so and thus, should never be authorized or empowered to do so for others. Either way, you should be sidelined and wise enough to sit in silence.

If you are attempting to embrace the challenges of effects arising from your causes, you are admitting you need to learn this and you are both interested and willing to do the work (because it’s ALWAYS work); requisite, you must rely upon those with direct, personal experience to guide you, and you must therefore set aside your authority and your power so you become as your teacher and can truly hear and understand a view that is not your own.

No human is complete in the knowledge that all humans should now, commonly know.

This is the truth, the shame, and the woe of our species even now, in 2022: We are no closer to open education, raising the quality of life for all life of Earth, or in any way whatever being the steward, the shepherd, or the servant of the cause of holistic life here, upon our beautiful and preciously balanced planet.

Were that even one place in which humans settle, there was such intention and motivation rippling outward, applying unilaterally and by ethic and logic, wed, leading.

If there were one thing that would change humanity simply by being known and understood by every human alive, it is this:

  • All disturbance of a system eventually overcomes the system,
  • The only cure for disturbance is refactoring to balance out the disturbance,
  • Humans lack the knowledge, the competency, and the will to do this job,
  • This is the problem that must be solved to save ourselves and our biosphere.

This imperfect human hopes to return to ground in lifestyle before they must do so literally. But old, ill, and broke tends to mean the thing I can be sure of in my life is doing without… so here I am, typing it out to get it out of my head and dream of the day when I can manage this before a-salting my face.