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A bit of “bleh”

All is well on the annual medical front, which is nice. I’ve settled into the new car, which is also nice. I’ve made some changes around the house that are making evenings nice, too. Now if this one, last area of “life in general” would just behave itself, I wouldn’t have any reason whatever to go, “Bleh.”

Ever notice that whenever something is bugging you, all the good, fun, nice things in your world are (momentarily only, I hope) forgotten? I had a spot of that tonight. Well, ok, more than a spot. But, as the old saying goes, “This too shall pass.” And it will. In fact, it probably means there’s something truly excellent right around the corner for me; ribbons and wrapping, perhaps.

This is me, trying to chuck the “bleh” off. It’s kinda-sorta-maybe-almost working. (wry grin)

When a hope dwindles,
I find I just mutter, “Bleh.”
No more fanning flames.