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A decade +2 of thought and nothing has changed (except everything)

This is not something I would normally re-blog. I do so today because it seems to me that, for all we use this act as a reason to impose newer, more intrusive restrictions on our own people, reason to disparage and hate and fear “other” people, and reason to justify both… I think it worthwhile to consider for a moment that the best possible refutation of what this was and was intended to do is to simply refuse to allow it to accomplish either.

I refuse to change my life even one iota because of this. To do otherwise is to grant precisely the psychological victory that the perpetrators of this act most desired.

I admire, honor, and respect my Islamic brothers and sisters who abhor such atrocity and who, silently and simply, every day, endure the inequity that this act has sent their way.

I admire, honor, and respect my American brothers and sisters who join me in refusing to allow this act to tarnish an aspiration toward pluralism and shared harmony.

I admire, honor, and respect my international brothers and sisters of all cultures and creeds who, even in the face of so much American fear and reaction, are willing to continue reminding themselves that no, actually, we’re NOT “all like that”.

Deep condolences, empathy, and sympathy to those who have grieved and lost and who ache and hurt for this act. I wish for you abiding peace and full release from the attempt to change your minds by changing forever the presences in your world.

I am so very sorry for so much loss…