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A meadow moment (haiku chain)

Stand on sacred ground,
Chapel Perilous, twilight,
The wind in the trees.

A benediction,
The last evening’s sweet prayer,
Said by candlelight.

Flickering memory,
A shadow upon old walls,
Set larger than life.

I feel great peace here;
Something new, a contentment,
That was not before,

Criss-crossed, the symbols;
A fire, an eye, an old boat,
Bobbing upon waves.

Out from the churchyard,
At the desicated dock,
Long thought dangerous;

Slow steps and creaking,
Amber, warm in my pocket,
The magic still works.

Somewhere in the south,
A landslide begins to shift;
In the meadow, sun.

I recognize it;
In spite of shivering, smile;
Oh! Such welcome warmth!