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A moderately reacted timeline of events

(The reasons for which should be obvious by reading’s end. – ed.)

Misfeasance” is defined as ‘The performance of a legal act in an improper or unlawful manner.’

It is my assertion that certain discrediting and incorrectly defined ‘norms’ have been used to knowingly mischaracterize and miscategorize my experiences, my integrity and honesty in conveying them, and the validity of my statements themselves.

I believe this has happened as a direct response of intentional and retaliatory behavior to complaints filed in relation to a consulting neurosurgeon and a pro nata cardiologist respectively.

I believe this decision was to include information unrelated to the purpose and point of my establishment of service – the completion of an autistic assessment.

I believe this has been orchestrated to eliminate risk associated with previously filed complaints, as well as halt my pursuit of access to technology improvements and research protocols that have passed peer review to “prove my pain”.

I believe this has happened not out of any active maliciousness or intention, but out of common, human pettiness in response to perceived slighting of those held in high regard but for this cranky oldster who won’t shut up until someone actually LISTENS and BELIEVES the peer-reviewed information she’s sent up for review.

Oh, and maybe her too, when she tells you she’s struggling.

I believe this because, even as I type, not a single person who was supposed to be there to support ME has bothered to even look at those JAMA articles or Lecture videos posted by those who delivered them.

I believe this because all record and reference to the incident with the neurosurgeon has been removed from the history in the MyChart account (isn’t removing files before compliance term a no-no?).

I believe this because not only has the neuropsychologist who decided to embrace this choice not bothered to remove it, but has essentially “doubled down” by adding an addendum that spins this into a “Oh, poor patient is so confused. I will clarify for her” vignette.

I believe this because, to my knowledge, not a single doctor in my entire health care chain, not even the rheumatologist who claims she knows I’m telling the truth, has stood up for me.

I believe this because I asked them why I cannot have the scans using the protocol I’m seeking and their answer was, effectively, “Standard of care has been met. We will do no more.”

When I complained about this, suddenly my doctor decided he’s not communicating in writing. Only face to face will do. When I tell them no, actually, given all the plausible deniability being used, I’d prefer to keep things explicit and in writing, both neurology and physiatry refused to talk to me/schedule me.

I had this autistic assessment coming up and I figured I’d ask my new therapist to help me explain so as to get them to just LOOK AT the information and tell me why what I’m asking for is so unreasonable.

Instead, he decided to use my autistic assessment appointment to document something no other doctor that I visit at this facility has said, stated to have seen, nor found test results in contradiction.

Not to mention the interpretation given in his notes are but one of several possibilities and presentation is clearly implying THIS one over all the rest. Finally, this single measurement in a much larger test series is, I believe, intentionally misconstrued; both in function OF that measurement and being relied upon so heavily when there is a known lack of valid means or protocols aligning to neuroanatomy. Despite this, the decision is to dubify MY statements and cast permanently discrediting shade upon my validity and reliability.

So far, every complaint has resulted in a very passive-aggressive ‘so sorry you are dissatisfied’ (but that’s all you’ll get from us) series of letters.

In the not-too-distant future, these people are going to feel some significant and serious regret over their choices.

Not because they will have genuine remorse, oh no, we shall not be that fool who thinks they will ever actually care.

But because when the DeKalb County Courthouse tried to play me, they wound up giving up their curbside parking for the disabled.

And when the State of Georgia tried to play me, they would up losing face on the national stage and having to injunct their (pitiful) attempt to legislate technology.

And that’s just two from a much longer and storied history of activism and advocacy. So, as a friend says, “Cowabunga it is…” because what has actually happened is that we now have both demonstrable misfeasance and malfeasance. All it took was time and patience while their bias played itself.

[1] – Those that haven’t mysteriously disappeared.