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A move (is a move is a move…)

Whew. Busy week. Mid-terms in school, transferred from one apartment to another, chased down a potentially scary situation and made it not so, and generally did everything except wear “cape and tights” this week/week-end. I saved getting the computer room back together until last on purpose because, well, you know what the outcome would be had I allowed it first or before the rest of the move was complete. (grin)

Turns out that this room is bigger than the one we were using as “the office” in the old apartment; can comfortably fit both desks and chairs without scraping walls… quite an improvement. I thought about a short video of the place, but perhaps tomorrow as it’s a bit late for mucking about with such things.

Other moves of late include a move into a v-dash contract at a certain Redmond software company, a shift from one online game to another/new one, an increase in the decrease of Djarums, and a decision to seriously consider putting a stop to the degree program after this one is complete. (A variety of reasons on that latter, but most deal with the reality that I am either going to have to spend thousands to confirm the dyscalculic diagnosis to get any help with formal education in math at all OR I am going to consistently watch my otherwise stellar GPA tank for the ongoing mess of math.) Suffice to say I am quite unhappy with a situation wherein the one thing I simply cannot do well torpedos all the rest of them at which I excel. Something is seriously wrong with our education system when the status quo is to insist someone be “passingly good” at everything. (Looks like Sir Robinson has it more right than even I suspected.)

Oh… and a certain someone said a certain something yesterday that has repainted the entirety of my world in decidedly softer and more delightful colors. Even more interestingly, there was a conversation on a topic that I will not mention for fear of causing muscle strain in certain of my friends who will laugh themselves into coma were I to set the topic to name. (I am a giddy thing of late; it is a nice feeling.)

Not much more really; life goes on, so do I, and, all in all, it’s getting sweeter by the moment.