autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

A nod to the little one in us all

When I look at people,
I see the little one
that lives inside;
now, ‘hide and seek’ cautious

That part that hungers,
from the corner, watching,
whispering the question,
“Do you really see me?”

Not hiding all the time,
occasionally, leaping forth;
in moments of laughter,
or surprised delight

“Christmas morning” face
I sometimes call those moments;
In them, all beauty and hope,
Shed history’s weight to soar

I adore those fleeting moments;
even if followed by sheepishness,
oh, dear one, never regret them,
they are precious, as are you

I love you, little one;
with your tender eyes, sparkling;
with your whole being, delighting;
with all your mind, liberated

May we, each and every one,
know more such happy moments;
until we all bask in them,
riven forever from any sorrow