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A Sunday of sundries

After a weekend of truly bizarre events, Sunday was refreshingly ordinary. Domestic duty complete, the itch to get mobile arrived and was indulged. I wound up at Fry’s, where I was presented with an offer I could not resist (granted, I did not try very hard). Thus, once more mobile computing enabled! This time, I didn’t go the notebook route. Instead, I picked up a sweet little Lenovo laptop with more bells and whistles than one might expect at the price. Case and accessories and the lot and then, out to a nice dinner and off to the local (city) coffee shop.

Alas, the wireless offered by the city shop is chokey and I wound up regretting not hieing me to “the evil empire”, but other than this, well enough. I find Windows 7 is not quite as annoying as Vista; I may upgrade at home sooner than expected (but not before SP1 hits; the golden rule of Microsoft is still quite in effect, thankyouverymuch!).

The laptop is my way of urging myself to get out and do more… perhaps a writing group. I’ve been putting it off a while, mostly due to bad memories of a group gone wrong, but I think it may be time. Every time I turn around, I’ve got someone all up in my grill about “doing something with my writing” and perhaps they’re correct. I intend to scope out local groups and see how they fit with my work/college schedule and then….. as it will.

In the meantime, it’s mostly just geekery over the new machine. I suppose a nerd with a new toy is pretty amusing to watch. To be sure I have been more enthused about getting out and about now that I have a way to capture the thoughts that occur whenever I am so. Hrm. You know, I used to do quite a bit of writing in little cafes and corner shops. It’s the people you find there; so many conversations that one can springboard into stories; snatches of exchanges that may be spun into entirely different things. I’m chuckling because it kind of reminds me of a little collaborative I once hoped to resurrect.

Maybe some of the odd occurrences this weekend have served a better result than I thought they might. It is a genuinely enjoyable thought, because it means I’ve passed through the valley and am once more moving into light. Very welcome, indeed.

Memory fading
Sunrise upon horizon
Life’s resurrection

Once more, green meadows
Shadows falling behind me
As appropriate

Springtime entendre
Layers of meaning, tendrils
Breaking from cold ground

Stretching in the sun
Lifting, cherishing the warmth
Sweetest beginning

Nourishing embrace,
Soil replete with memories
Decayed over time

Unfurling, peaceful
Broad leaves quiver in the breeze
Tremble beneath rain

Rivulets from sky
Feeding all things equally
Bountiful delight