autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

a theme, change

change isn’t something you make
panhandlers and activists aside
it is not truly made, but given
it is not truly given, but received
a perfect world filled
with imperfect people, who,
here and there still manage
moments of pristine rightness
never through others
(though often in spite of them)
in small ways, quiet ways
sometimes as simple as to listen
sometimes as difficult as to listen
sometimes as easy as letting it slide
or choosing to be extraordinary
when no one asked you to be so
anonymously, disregarding credit
secret gifts without names
left under keyboards
adopted families in bad neighborhoods
in the off-center and unexpected places
places where
it is easier to remember how and why
change is something that starts inside
works its way out and up, into the world
where it is easier to remember that
change is like a seedling
that grows and feeds upon itself
nourishes itself, paradoxically
the cynics say it is for the feeling
or the recognition, or the accolades
but then, cynics will say most anything
to assuage bruised idealism
to soothe scorched earth not yet returned to fertility
the restless rest
(were they given to such things as speaking)
would disclaim and simply say
not because of the reward for it
not because of the need to be seen
not because of how it may or may not feel
but because of the just because
just because you can
just because you are there
just because you have care
just because action should follow thought
and because change, lasting change
has never happened any other way