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A Tiger’s Prayer

It’s a merry derry oksey dosey cosy kind of a day
Just do not make the mistake of up and getting in my way
But if you do, then you poor fool, do not try to run away
The only thing that runs is the one that gets to be the prey

You see that I just ate, you think maybe I won’t again today
I see you feeling all secure, maybe a wee bit slower, eh?
Send you a slow, soft wink and toothy smile, as if to friendly say,
“Come on, we’re all safe right here! You know I only want to play.”

Rumbly, tumbly, shaggy coat, striped face and sorbriquet
Crouched low, coiled tight, slow close of distance, in the tiger way
That I’d never call me such myself, is what sets the name to stay
A refrain that never quite asks permission, because that’s how tigers pray