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Active Imagination – The Loop

The first one was created in Amsterdam. The scientific community crowed that humanity had at last conquered the universe; you could step into The Loop and immediately be reborn into another dimension. Not only this, but thanks to the ongoing research, you could even select your future, ex-dimensional body.

Of course, we conveniently forget the generations of human trials or how many of our aged, “dis”abled, and otherwise “inferior” humans we threw into the models; our glory hole view of an alter-dimension permitting us to validate across space and time itself.

Just as we forgot the generations of “volunteers” who, in the face of force, submitted.

The world is so different now. People enter The Loop the moment they cannot have exactly what they want, exactly as they want it. And we now watch that alter-dimension shifting to mirror our history, our choices, as more and more of “us” arrive amongst “them”.

you hear a click as the recorder is stopped….. time passes…. (to be continued??)