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First hour is in the basket for production and I’m currently waiting on my friends at DaVinci (BlackMagic Design) to help me get a key for their most likely candidate to match the “Resolve Lite!” I got on SD card (which I simply never used as I never installed the card because of it). Now that such readers are available at the modest price I require as a broke-ass old lady, I’ll get one, but I suspect I still need a key and I just don’t see one anywhere in the packaging or the box.

So… an adventure, possibly a prelude, to actually getting this online – Will I need to buy software, or can I find a solid and reliable (and mid-end system friendly) open-source alternative that isn’t hamstrung by developer preference for it’s UI?

I’d much rather support a good project #opensourceisgoodforyouandtheplanet2.

If you’d like to help me speed up this process, just scan the embedded QR code and support me with an honorarium; if you prefer, you can request/receive a personal link to the raw video masters (for viewing and personal enjoyment)… but raw is a disclosure level that requires NDA, but I’m also willing to commit to you a one-hour review and dialectic via my practice, so I ask that you please consider your perceived value proposition and decide accordingly.

Regardless the impetus or intention of the giver, I disclaim that the ongoing production of this effort is intrinsically motivated… I will make these even if no one ever sees them, and no one ever supports me in making them… but whether or not they ever do more than rot here? Well, clearly that depends.

(Honorariums are usually taxable, but I will be reporting and supplying transaction logs should they be created.)

My mind spins like life — breeze that drifts like a spring breath — the slow pulse that is #haiku