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Adventures in medicine – June 2021 edition

I mentioned this the other day in another place and since this place is supposed to be my journal of my journey, I should probably include it here, too.

Will let the redacted items speak for themselves, but if my point or problem is not clear, feel free to hit me up on the contact form and ask questions. I really think there needs to be more dialog around this stuff between those living with it and those who have no idea what living with it is like.

I also think it’s important to be kind and understanding as the process of correcting inaccurate information and resulting biases or judgments happens. That said, when people jump up as if they have some superior right that puts my presence and life, my perspective and thoughts down as “inferior”, there’s bound to be trouble.

I actually do my homework. So I get really annoyed with those who do not (or worse, do not and actually think they do because they blindly believe in [religion X], [ontology Y], or [authority Z], none of which demonstrate a single case of self-supported, methodical, and impartial review of credible fact(s) and source(s).

What I’m trying to say is I want a dialog and a community, but I’m not willing to get beat up for it anymore.

Anyway – the items mentioned, hopefully self-explanatory.