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Agentics, Allistics, and Autistics, oh my! (#TraumaLife)

May we find a future in which my granddaughters do not have to have this experience across decades of their personal and professional endeavors. I love you, A & E, and you too, L, and J, and all of my struggling neurokin.

You thank me for standing up to speak
You tell me how much to you it matters
You do not see the perverse tweak
Nor that for it, I am now battered

Milgram 1956; Obedience to Authority

Companies speak of courage but rarely reward it.
The allistic and ablist bias are bias unperceived, albeit routinely selected.
I am the ‘wrong-speaker’ and their pronouncement – made with an aggressive confidence.
Yet they understand my plaint well enough to take umbrage.
Yet they understand my presentation well enough to call it into question.
Yet they understand nothing because their call to abdicate myself is rejected; it is only their assumption and projection, infinitely preferred because humans hew and change is hard and no one gets the difference or its value.
I am never the first to leave this ring, and never willingly.
That is consistently overlooked, instantly undervalued, often both, seems a curious mobius of hypocrisy.

If you insist upon usurping my intention as stated,
If you insist upon refusing to see how that act is the bias enacted,
If you insist upon refusing to include and engage with me to remedy it,
If you insist upon bullying me over that which I cannot change,
Then you must expect that I too, will eventually tend toward and do the same… for you have insisted I follow this “optics” culture…. training me to do so.

Your offense? At “my wrong speaking”? Yeah, that offense was first mine, and you cared not for it nor me.

And in this, the pristine root, revealed – the reason for the many silent voices before mine.

And in this, the pristine root, revealed – the reason that my persistence offends is its insistence upon agency and intention being my own to define, never yours.

I full-well understand what I am saying. And why I insist it matters.

It is you who profoundly misunderstand, misconstrue, misperceive, and in it, present yourselves a capite ad calcem, a falsis principiis proficisci, burning your own banners (#OneTeam) in the doing.

I do not have to have all of your answers when you persistently miscast, misconstrue, and intentionally usurp mine.

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