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@ags development/producers; lose the hubris, wouldja?

Mind you, I have no insight whatever into how you’ve designed things outside of your (very) basic lumberyard documentation. So I’m just making up contextually accurate names to point out that “each database is separate by region” does not make this “unpossible” in the least.

A small and relatively basic ebus that receives and delivers entity data from one region/world to another is not difficult, merely time consuming (and honestly, if you set your databases apart by region with no intention of there being movement between them, that’s both bad design and on you).

Here’s a quick and dirty example…

SELECT * FROM [character_entity_tables_OUTGOING] --however you join them--
HAVING condition IS [NOT] NULL; --we're only interested in data traveling with character--

--join reception tables so you can proc or sproc things like name change being required, etc--
INSERT INTO [character_entity_tables_INCOMING]
[entity_character_name]=[CHARACTER], --this pseudoexample assumes you've de-duped name--

The usual rules apply for ease:

  1. Player must have no outstanding market orders in any settlement.
  2. Player must have no open quests in the journal.
  3. Player must have no [Company] affiliation.
  4. Player must have no settlement housing.
  5. Player will be randomly placed in a settlement under control of their current faction on the destination world/server. (If none available, then what? Force a change? Easier to just remove it and make them pick on arrival?)
  6. If a name change is required, player must complete name change before they can enter their destination world/server.

Wrap up the total cost of feature development and price point it where you need it be (first hit free? waiting period? I mean, how much revenue are you willing to give away here?), and fix a problem you’ll have to fix anyway here, now, while everyone is still warm and happy about succeeding and seemingly forgetting that “oh, community and marketing folks didn’t check before committing to this” is not an acceptable excuse for a purportedly A+ platform solution for gaming…. you get that, right?

Free from me to thee because shame on you for trying to FUD your way out of a simple and expected service.

Don’t be that company, m’kay? We have had enough of them.