autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Ah, bow dee chee tah

I want to sacrifice myself
spread-eagle on a mountaintop;
flesh-freed and soul-lifted,
flit into the trees, the sky

I ponder immortal impossibilities
content myself with the 2nd law
never dying, shifting forms, a return
to the place before I was born

The pun of the vas deferens:
halls of the fathers, I smile;
life is rarely solemn, too busy
bubbling for egress, release

The vast differences of life
diversity in which rests strength;
a lesson that sapient, mammal apes
seem oddly loathe to embrace

By thinking, too innured to think;
in thinking, too short of sight;
myopic multitudes, among them, myself,
lost connection to the greater whole

We are here for one another
members of the vast tribe; milling,
seekers of the signal amidst noise, striving,
wriggling with life and needfulness

I want to sacrifice myself
nestle into the greater hole of humanity
be that husk of dreams and hopes and helpfulness;
another, anonymous mother, resting in peace, nourishing