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An Apocalyptica Monday

Posts are a bit sporadic of late, primarily as I’m too busy living to think about experiences, let alone post about them. Interesting how it happens, distraction; more often than not it’s the fleeting thought that I should post about X and then….. nothing.

A quick ranking of “best and worst” for the last bit of time would look something like this:

Best moment – a surprise found with a friend on Friday that led to three days of bliss.

Worst moment – not being able to figure out why I can’t get the Blu-ray player’s wireless to connect to my network (grr).

See? Retrospection is not nearly as interesting as introspection, but it may be better for the mind. Hmm.

Anyway, up too early and mildly bored for it. Not enough to engage schoolwork early, mind you; instead, listening to the new Apocalyptica CD and considering making coffee.

A quiet Monday
Punctuated by cellos
Ready for the world

soundtrack: Apocalyptica’s “On the rooftop with Quasimodo”, from their new album, “7th Symphony