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An idea that was/is/continues to be a lifetime in the making

I have given long thought to making this post. For the last two years, I have been working on a book and a series of seminars dealing with a topic that I am not only well suited to speak upon, but almost preternaturally well-positioned to consult and mentor in relation to… Creative Destruction.  In my research, I find that few people have made the connections of this topic to real-world application, nor do they seem to be actively utilizing the concepts in the world. Frankly, that boggles me because it seems that the world today and, in particular, the business and personal pursuits found in it are greatly in need of the concepts and tenets this offers.

Because of this, I am making this paper, the culmination of a lifetime of “living it”, a few years of distilling it into digestible concepts, and two years carefully crafting it into a skeleton upon which sinew and muscle may be placed, available. This, the conceptual presentation, will (eventually) become so very much more but, until then, I have decided to “give it away” because (a) I can, (b) I think it will be helpful to people regardless my personal progress in getting the previously mentioned book and seminars prepared and available to use, and (c) I so greatly hold the conviction that this offers significant value to pretty much anyone and any endeavor that it feels somehow wrong NOT to do so.

All the above said, I direct your attention to a new page at this site entitled, “Creative Destruction” upon which this paper, my relatively freshly made skeleton, is sketched out over five pages (seven if you include title page and citations).

I ask only that, should you find value in this item, please consider a contribution to the “tip jar” that you find in the right margin of this site. This will allow me to continue in my related development efforts as well as support the publication and availability of them when complete.

Kindly note: While I am making this paper freely available for reading and sharing, I am not in any manner of speaking conveying permission to use, re-use, or otherwise create derivative content based upon its information. This is a copyrighted item, it is a work I have invested years to distill and it is the cumulative presentation of far more detailed lessons yet to be rendered into writing. I share it because I think it may be helpful, but it is my hope that this can happen without someone immediately abusing the gift by seeking to “make money” from it. For my part, if there is money to be made on this item, I intend that only cost of preparation and publication go into my own pocket; any “profit” it is my intent to donate to causes that either play into or otherwise support the growth and nourishment of the concepts and traits represented in this paper. You may best honor this effort and any value you find in it by equally honoring my intentions for it.