autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

an old, recurring dream

footsteps down a forbidden path
sleepwalking, but not
petals lodged within crevices
carelessly strewn beauty, as if by fleeing
sounds are muffled, but no less disturbing
there is a child singing in the darkness
i hear footsteps, running…receeding
i am always alone here
a beautiful flowered tresel beckons
delicate shapes pleasing to the eye
but as i approach
their decaying stench slaps me
and i feel the need to run
my breath is ragged, painful
there is a nameless terror that stalks me
i am filled with dread
suddenly, light
shafts of it peeking from under a doorway
i rush to its safety, waking
only to shudder the rest of the day