autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

And suddenly… nothing.

It is official – I have reached my maximum saturation point for annoyance and indignation and (quite literally) tripped the breaker.

I didn’t realize it had happened until I read the latest story about Amazon’s new tablet and browser, realized that we aren’t “just” talking about aggressive invasions of choice and privacy anymore, but a very focused push to privatize the cloud, the web, and pretty much anything else “we the people” will let them get away with, and….

… I shrugged.

Not because I don’t care anymore; I’m just as flabbergasted and dismayed as I’ve ever been since Google’s turncoat act, Facebook’s eternal and faux artlessness, etc etc etc, et al, and ad nauseaum.

Not even because there “isn’t anything I can do”; let’s face it (those of you who know me), I’ve got more stamina, more tenacity, and more sheer stubborn than practically anyone.

So what did it? Well, frankly, I’m not sure I can adequately shape that answer (which, believe me, is almost as annoying as it sounds unbelieveable, given the solid weeks I’ve spent writing at length about it all).

The short version, lacking the true texture and weft, is simply that there aren’t enough people who can be bothered to even learn what all this means and, of those who as much as scratch the surface, most are quite happy with not caring because they typically don’t give a damn about anything until it’s barbed-wire in their nostrils, drawing blood (and, as we know, that’s well and beyond the point of “too late”).

The upshot? I can take care of my privacy and I can and do exercise my choice; if the world doesn’t want to be bothered or care, why should I waste my energy?

I can plant gardens with it, or help at the local shelter; I can direct my energy and drive and passion toward people and things that can and will benefit and find more positive life rather than spend it on the pointlessness that is trying to convey a message that most simply do not wish to hear (and will “la la la la la la” over until the mountains fall into the oceans).

“I cannot liberate you; I can only liberate myself.” (Classic Buddhist quote) It is as true for this as it is for anything, really; after all, how do you liberate someone who doesn’t think they’re enslaved? And does it really help them or the world around them to force the matter before they are able or willing to grok it?

Actually… there it is. Found it. The real reason…. I just don’t believe it is ethical or appropriate to attempt to force others to actions, words, or thoughts that do not come to them naturally, as a result of their own consideration and contemplation.

Yeah, I know that will rankle some who truly believe, feel, and think differently. I’m ok with that. Kind of have to be, all the above given, eh?


If indeed there’s choice
If I support it truly
I must not use force