autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.


in the old tongue
when once spoken
it was to own a unique strength
no different
is it today
unique strength
bound with hope

quiet moment
in which i found it trembling
like autumn leaf
on sudden breeze
that i made
passing by

filled with life’s joy
jubilant cry
leapt from safety into unknown
on my shoulder
a gentle touch
a drifting
tender sigh

a leap of faith
from shriveling bark and branches
caught by promise
perhaps more true
than was spring
or summer

these, the moments
bringing you close
close enough to find you as real
closer than breath
as i inhale
verdant one
not yet gone

oh stay a time
rustle with me
turn giddy, crackling cartwheels
become undone
as i become
unique strength
bolster me

a careful hand
i draw you close
breath in earthy fragrance of you
delight in it
smile and savor
by winter

slowly walking
finding the path
in the long view, fullness of time
sweet entropy
strong as life