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Annnd the exhale….


MRI and MRA results back today and, thankfully, no signs of arterial stress or aneurysm risks, and no signs of temporal arteritis.

“Relief” does not begin to describe the feeling. Current opinion is super migraines complicated by anxiety/situational depression (let’s just say I’ve been under a bit of stress lately, even before this set of possibilities came to the fore).

I return to office work on Monday (hurray!) and am taking steps to rid myself of all unnecessary pressure/stress/demands. The anxiety is subsiding a bit, but I still get those weird palpitations here and there (usually when the migraines are upon me); I think the only thing that makes me feel better about this near month and a half “adventure” in brain scans and the like is that my doctors are telling me that, with my family history, not only was this the right thing to do, I was bloody wise to raise the issue. Apparently, many do not.

So… a quiet and calm weekend for a change; recharging the mental batteries for a return to “the usual” and doing so with a renewed appreciation of it.

I hope Friday treats you well, too. (hug)