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archiving the decision-making process

for the archives, and for learning if/as needed in future… this item, a presentation of the thought process leading to the decision.

Ok… continuing…

On 1/5/07, ******* wrote:

[ personal information not relevent, thus, removed ]

Now… as mentioned, I presently own both and and have a host that can manage as well as provide discussion lists, forums, blogs, gallerys, the works.

Two days, ago, I sent the following to (the scrytch discussion list manager, who i suspect, but cannot confirm is heath or michael) and i copied all relevent addresses associated with scrytch including scotto’s braverock address (to which the domain is registered) as well as the discussion list itself (of course, banned there) and the scrytch-approval address on the same listserv:


To Whom It May Concern:

I am copying this item to the owner of the domain (or at least, my best attempt at discerning who that is), along with the addresses:

The purpose of this email is to provider a pointer to presently unarchived scrytch so it may be included in the archives as requested (quoting in relevant part from

“Please also make revisions and updates available directly to the scrytch archives. This will allow for the merging and compilation of scrytch and will also provide diversity of work to the scrytch community.”

As you may or may not be aware, I am refused participation/access to the discussion list. As a result of this act, I am unable to contribute as I would normally to these archives.

As the original manifesto and charter for the collaborative have not changed and still present this as an open collaborative, it is my intent to continue and operate as if the contradiction now in play does not exist.

This being a circumstance I am certain will remain unchanging, all things being as they are, and my own distaste now being easily equal to those responsible, it remains I would do what I might to insure the archives are, in fact, as complete as possible in containing what derivative works rise going forward as, despite apparent conclusion to the contrary, my presence and enjoyment of scrytch was, is, and remains wholly independent of the unfortunate encounters by which I found it.

I enjoy scrytch and see no reason to be stop enjoying what is, from all I can tell, supposed to be freely enjoyed by all.

To this end, please find below the URL to the category ‘scrytch’ within my personal blog. This item should be available by RSS feed and I am hopeful that will make it easy to include in the archive.

To the extent there may be someone remaining in the effort who still finds the charter, purpose, and vision of any import whatever, I make the offer of these works to the archive in the only manner available to do so.

Feel free to do with it as you wish, or to do nothing whatever with it. Either way, I will note whether or not they arrive to the archives and from this, will conclude if, in fact, the vision of scrytch yet lives, or is, in fact, dead.

I do, sincerely, hope it is the former and not the latter.

Thank you for your time, attention, and whatever consideration you choose to grant. I will not make further request or contact and will see by either action or inaction what is.

Aletheia and/or Exsultare Fenix


Now… the way I see it, this goes either one of two ways…

1) They stop being immature idiots and figure out that it is possible to be in the same room at the same time without either of us as much as looking at one another,


2) They persist in being paranoiac dicks.

If the former, I’m more than happy to continue enjoying Scrytch as I began to do and wanted to do and that’s that.

If the latter, I have decided the idea has enough merit and traction to be fostered into a true collaborative environment and be damned if I am going to allow the paranoia and fear and anger and hatred of those two impede me, it, or any damn thing else.

I have been seriously thinking on this for the last few days… and I had just about convinced myself it wasn’t worth the effort. But you know what? I am sick and tired of seeing really good ideas die horribly because of the spite, selfishness, and utterly impotence of two people.

This would not be the first time I have had to resucitate one of heath’s dreams from a state of damn near death, and I strongly suspect what he has managed to accomplish is very likely due to his ability to convince others to carry the heavy loads while he flits about and plays at being ‘grand poobah of visionary stuff’.

In my experience, he hasn’t the first iota of insight as to sustaining things. He’s great at planting them… but the work of nourishing? Utterly unable. A look at Scrytch as it is demonstrates this pointedly and in stark fashion.

With all this said…

IF I am going to do this, I am going to do it RIGHT. And that means end to end, with style, flair, and with a decidedly heavy interest in making it fun for OTHERS rather than merely myself.

It also means I am going to very, very clearly document the actual history of its origins. And I don’t mean the version heath likes to tell, either. I mean the real story, where he gets the idea from the Future Culture mailing list and tries to make Aelph fly, only to have it dissolve and then, the attempt to revamp it into Fixion, which also dissolved… until at last Scrytch was created… and now, once again, is slowing dissolving as all his efforts inevitably seem to do.

Once upon a time, I wanted to save things for him. Because I knew they meant something to him, regardless his own inability to do more than talk about them. Regardless his inability to suit actions and care to the words.

In this moment, he is no longer an issue or concern. Indeed, of anyone and everyone who might want or wish to participate, he and michael will be the only two who will be forbidden. not because i couldn’t endure them, but because i know them both well enough to know that, unable to force me into compliance with their warped version of ‘how things should be’, they will only flop and foam like enraged epileptics until they either stroke out or manage to destroy the effort entirely.

And if I do this, it will be as the other dream I rescued from their perverse clutches… warded completely against the poison of their narcisstic need to possess utterly, else destroy.

So… Why am I telling you this?

Several reasons, really…

If I’m going to do this, I want to make SURE the folks on the current Scrytch list know EXACTLY why it is being done, and that all possible effort was made prior to doing it to give these two the chance, opening, and opportuntity to choose wisely.

And if this is done, I want those people to know they are welcome and so long as they do not try to sabotage it on the behalf of those two, they will remain welcome.

Additionally, I admire and respect the creative efforts they have each demonstrated over the years and believe such things would be greatly beneficial to a new generation of Scrytchers. I’d like to see them involved.

At the moment, I’m waiting a brief, logically correct period of time to see if heath and company are going to be reasonable about including the scrytch written here in the archive.

The ball, in this moment, is completely in their court.

Neither of them have any idea whatever that this entire project hinges on whether or not they are capable of better than the malice and abject paranoia and hatred they have displayed to date.

If you would like to be part of this project (should it become necessary to see it into life), I would very much enjoy having your presence as both mentor, charter member, and whatever other role you might wish to serve in seeing Scrytch given a proper birthing into the greater world.

There are my thoughts. Feel free to share them as you see fit. I have no issue or compunction with anyone seeing them.

Indeed, if I thought it would make a difference, I’d email them to heath and michael myself. But they would only wail and gnash their teeth and come up with even more warped scenarios of ill intent and paranoia. I am no longer willing to endure their bizarre cloak and dagger mentality.

Let me know your thoughts.