autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.


Shakti & Shiva, united
formlessness in form combined
magnificent in mystery and magic
a paradox in flesh
secrets in plain sight
from which the mind flinches

seed, soil, and harvest
endless seasons, a blink,
a lost lash, drifting to land,
black as cinder, upon snow

contrasts and contradictions
wisdom given in whispers that
braying voices of the knowing hear not
for all your mythic statues
you tell us life, in truth, is a humble thing

this world deals in diametric opposites
casts singularity as substance
insists upon the individuate
wonders why it feels so alone

looking, it overlooks
flora sunk into loamy earth
predator and prey
earth and sky
sun and wind

wistful winding sighs of humanity
the endless questions why
deaf, dumb, and blinded by self
echoes bring only anger

incense and flowers at your feet
prayers for enlightenment, understanding
guru of the truth of creation
patient visage of you, vigilant and unvexed
watching, silent and assured
all arriving, all passing,
all things in their right place

ultimate reality, conjoined extremes
yes and no, both and neither,
blissful totality yet struggles for
recognition, wonder, and awe

we birth your being
rest as children in your arms
rage at your parental passing, then
join you in the charnel ground
entropy and engagement
all this appearance play!
squalling, seeking succor
from the illusion of self

Ardhanari, spark of nirvana
dance of elements and energy,
burn me like incense, uncasing spirit,
send me like breath, upon the wind
cast me like dust, over the earth
blend me with water, into all forms
until I remember the truth of you
that is me, we, and all.