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Auld Lang Syne

I am annoyed that a recording of me singing this has been lost. I planned to post it up this year (it taking me four years to lose my self-consciousness in relation to it).

Not only do I doubt I could manage as well today as I did then, I would also have to rediscover the lyric (it was an unusually accurate version of the original language in all its “olde” glory).

Apologies. It was intended as a unique and “imperfectly human” gift; now it’s just a thought unrealized. Meh.

So, instead, a version that is not only authentic in tune and accent (Scotland), but uses the lyric that is generally attributed as “the original” by Scotsman poet, Robert Burns circa 1788. (Thank you, Google.)

Auld Lang Syne

And so, from me, the gift/wish/toast I penned some years ago that has since become my “fallback”:

May you find

More than you hope

Less than you fear

All that you need

A positive and productive new year to you. (smile)