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Beading? Beading.

Of all the things I thought I would ever do, certain amongst the “domestic crafts” have ever been figured as “beyond me”. Until now.

Recently, I had need to re-string my wrist mala. It’s now almost five years old and I worried about snapping its elastic banding and losing the beads. So, I found a local bead shop and set out to see about re-stringing it.

It turned out to be quite the adventure. Apparently, simply re-stringing it isn’t as simple as it seemed. Not only was there a need to use an extremely thin width of elastic (snap risk), there was a need to ensure the knotting didn’t eclipse the size of the holes in the stones/beads (preventing them from sliding as when used in practice).

I spent roughly four hours with a woman at the shop; we tried several widths of elastic, several knot types, and nothing worked. In the process, my old elastic was sacrificed, so now it was down to “all or nothing”; either I find something that works or I go home without a usable wrist mala at all.

I have to hand it to the woman of the shop; she was frakking Ceres herself, a real earth mother. She was so calm that it was impossible for me to get worried or upset and she was so gentle and humble that it was impossible for me to “give up” for her soft persistence that (at moments) made me feel rather sheepish for my moments of mental tossing up of hands.

The ultimate solution came at the end of the four hour period; three bands of the narrowest width, each with its own round knot, and each further epoxy glued to ensure the fastness of the knot. We arrived at the solution together (she came up with the notion of the knot and epoxy glue, I figured three narrow bands would be better and more reliable than one medium).

Another thirty minutes of work and it was done…. and I don’t just mean the mala.

I hadn’t really looked around at the shop (being a bit on the “focused” side at the best of times) and, as I waited for the epoxy glue to dry, I had little to do but look about the place.

Here, I have to admit, something odd is happening to me. I don’t know if it’s age, a shift in perspective, or some combination between the two; all I know is that, seemingly “suddenly”, I am drawn to and interested by color, sparkle, and related “pretties” in a way I have never been in my entire life.

Seriously. It’s silly how enthused I get for it. And the proof of this particular pudding was demonstrated in this little beading, quilting, and sewing shop where, over the thirty minutes of waiting, I managed to pick out enough stones to make another wrist mala in a pale green-approaching-white jade and with an African opal for the guru bead.

That was Sunday. Since then, I have purchased and made a new red and white roundel (crystal cut of slight width) necklace to go with my favorite red blazers AND something I shall not name for someone special on a yet to come day. (secretive look)

I actually think about things to make. Jewelry, for crying out loud. The degree of sheepishness I feel to find myself so drawn to things I have so often guffawed about or studiously sniffed at is… interesting.

Even more interesting, someone recently asked if I could make a bracelet for their wife (for her birthday). So, suddenly, my ever-watchful mind thinks it is now “acceptable” to indulge this, as, with that one offer, the possibility of adding this as a “marketable skill” is demonstrated. (As if I need a reason? Really?!? *sigh*)

I am, of course, mildly picking at myself of over-analyzing it. It is a simple past-time, I enjoy it, it is not horribly expensive (yet), and it gives me the means to make gifts that cannot be found anywhere else for people I wish to bring a smile and the feeling of being loved.

Need I more reason? I think not. Need I feel anything other than enjoyment? I think not!

So, without further ado, the items made in the last week (barring of course, the “super secret one”; which will be revealed at some point in future):

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