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Beautiful Now (haiku chain)

Happy, sunny day
Wind of change clearing attic
Feel liberation

Giddy meadow girl;
She spins those breathless circles
Kaleidoscope sky

No care where she lands
The world is a plush cushion
And she, citizen

Just free-fall delight
There is only this moment
Breathing here and now

Honeysuckle rose,
Bursts forth, rich with spring time joy
Inhale, take it in

She rests on fresh grass
Warm ground embracing fully
Sunlight on closed eyes

Safe in tender arms
Listening to life’s heartbeat
Within and without

All things are one thing
The thrum of it, deep inside
She smiles to feel it

Olive eyes open
Gaze quietly at it all
Love that knows no words

Gift of mudita
Strung upon delicate chain
Bell within the heart

All movement is song
Poetry in motion, life
Now she remembers

(MP3 Available: Beautiful Now)