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Big ol’ snarl of sameness

It would seem the lesson of the moment deals with acceptance; of others “as they are” and of enduring and neutralizing reactions to others insisting upon telling me “how I am”. One coin, two sides, mirrors of one another as they spin, eh?

My initial plaint was that I weary of people incessantly conveying in words and deeds that “who I am” or “how I am” is not to their preference. Newsflash, there isn’t a human on the planet who hasn’t had this feeling.

I work VERY hard at not confusing my wish for preference with anyone having an actual obligation to (a) give a damn, (b) respect or in any manner as much as acknowledge it. (Candid note: I do not always or even often succeed, but I DO try.)

I am often annoyed with repeated instances of “discovery” that it seems this is not common or even popular anymore… even as I wryly admit that this thought is precisely the thing it arises in reaction against. It would be amusing were it not so damned painful.

I have to be me;
Who else could I ever be?
Why would you ask it?

(A haiku given as much to the mirror as to any other human, frankly.)