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Binary bereft

Flash of insight so bright it has all but blinded me. Stars. I see stars and I see one brilliant cluster of them dying. Four, a binary set and two softer lights. The orbit of the largest of the binaries is breaking away and finding the freedom of new trajectories. The one being left behind is collapsing; caving in upon itself and clinging to the smallest of the two remaining in hopes of sustaining balance.

It is, of course, impossible. The method of inertia and orbit are counter-attractive. There are some things that, once broken, never heal.

Gazing at the sky from afar, I recognize the onset of distant decay and dissolution and it occurs to me that, at times like this, it is good to be a far away observer; someone not present, someone not in any manner attached to the notion of unmoving stars and fixed firaments.

I feel great sadness for that lost and lonely binary bereft. Would that it were possible to actually reach it.