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…than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers. Hah!

Settling in to couple-dom has been a fun and fulfilling activity that is taking up quite a lot of previously “spare” time. (This is me, NOT complaining at all; basking, soaking, reveling in it!!) Work is work; both the contract/consulting part as well as the grueling uphill effort of launching Sambaddha and getting content online and in shape for more than intermittent efforts. College is working me over as I approach the next-to-last semester in the first degree. Graduation is September/October this year and then, immediately into the next degree program – no rest for the… busy. Heh.

Life is rich and amazingly full. I am content in ways I’ve heretofore (!!) languished for lacking. The future will be as it will, beautiful now is keeping me completely riveted.

Alas, updates here are stretching into intermittent (at best), but I swear, I will not allow it to fall into silence and decay. This lesson, at least, learned all too well at the hands of certain ones who shall not be named; no place at which I set my name will ever die for my lack of nourishment. Consider it a promise.

Oh! Abundant life!
How rich and sweet upon tongue!
Filling me with joy!