autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Callais, pirouzeh, and anasazi

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Those brief syllables
skipping across the ocean
to land on my shore

Pebbles on window
seeking for my attention
wanting full focus

So small, a pebble,
faint noise requires listening
I almost missed it

Studying its form,
I tried to decide meaning,
purpose, and intent

Once upon a time,
I could see mountains in them;
but time, it passes

Regardless stacking,
no mountain is a pebble;
no pebble, mountain.

Still, a pretty one;
blue like a rare, English sky,
tiny like an egg

I thought to keep it,
instead, put it on the sill;
whispered a thank you

For the memories,
dreams of a pebbled mountain,
across the ocean