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Capering Invitation (haiku chain)

Greetings, Raven Queen;
From amber colored canyon,
Waving, I send smiles.

Shall we share secrets?
Giggle and whisper delight?
Share and know fullness?

Sunny sister smiles?
Suddenly serious sighs?
Sweet, solemn surprise?

The experience,
Always new and exciting,
It begs to be shared.

Walk with me this path?
Let us savor smooth footfalls,
Puffs of dust, rising…

By twilight, spin flax;
Make of it journey blankets,
‘Neath which to find peace.

Shiver under stars,
Interlace lives like fingers,
Feel the belonging.

I, a merry fool
Spin capers by cool moonlight
Dare you but to smile

Spring, held in my hands;
I scatter petals for you,
Silly letters, all…

But that it please you
As the thought of friendship, me
It shall be enough.

(MP3 Available: Capering Invitation)