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Reflection: The Serene Halo Of The Dakini

The cool mist of the worldly dakiniThe breath upon a world, its people, entireFormed of the formless, clothed in lightBetide the angel of progress and culminationSummed into the coded, emergent as are weStanding with the force of all our experiencesBoth judging and predicting, the masterless masterThe fractal ripples and reality changesAccording to the master, who […]

Padua Nobel Lecture: Confrontation With Infinity

Gravity is the intersection of quantum fields within the greater, infinite, cosmological, dimensional ocean; an exhalation on imponderable scale, whose next intake we cannot hope to observe. The ultimate probability field in which every contact is entanglement; from this chaos, life arises and submerges, the eternal preponderance of which humanity cannot achieve, the literal breath […]

Work in Progress – Syllogism – Fixion

CORPORATIONS (aka ‘legal entities’ that are considered ‘people’ by today’s U.S. civil, commercial, and criminal law.) Corporations must (are constrained by law to) act in their own, best, short-term financial interest and report details thereof, Some corporations may act in their own, best, long-term interest if it enables or serves the short-term interest, Most corporations […]