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Marker: Election 2022

Donald Trump demonstrated on global and political stages alike that the corporate and executive perspective on law is not of one of inviolate directive, but merely of systemic rules to be gamed for profit. Also, that most of the right aisle on The Hill (and more on the left than there should be) largely feel […]

A moderately reacted timeline of events

(The reasons for which should be obvious by reading’s end. – ed.) “Misfeasance” is defined as ‘The performance of a legal act in an improper or unlawful manner.’ It is my assertion that certain discrediting and incorrectly defined ‘norms’ have been used to knowingly mischaracterize and miscategorize my experiences, my integrity and honesty in conveying […]

2022 is not a perfect number

Just to be clear – neither am I. I’m a messy human, just like you. All of you. I share in your generalities, but am unique in my experiences and my expression thereof. Just like you. All of you. My unique experiences are neither inferior nor superior to yours. In that we are humans, they […]

Catharsis: Callsign Killswitch Echo Ethos

Today, my last fuck was given. I gave two hours of my life, all of my trust, and (almost) none of my masks to a neuropsychologist in hopes of finally getting a bias-free, judgment-free assessment and diagnosis. The result? Quoth the doctor: “The overall validity of her answers and responses are questionable. For example, she […]

On the nature of “social” and the reality of anti-social networks

It occurs to me that much of the mess plaguing “social networks” at the moment arises from a failure to genuinely reflect and remind ourselves about what it means to be “social” and what it means to “socially network”; to revisit what “social networks” may legitimately be defined as and, more importantly, to establish what […]

An Open Letter To The United States Congress Dated October 1, 2018

An open letter to The United States Senate, in particular to those currently serving in the capacity of adjudication in the matter of potential Supreme Court Justice, Honorable Brett Kavanaugh: It is with some quiet wonderment that I witness this, the latest skirmish within the halls of what is supposed to be our most humble […]