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The thing about objectivity is the definition asserts a view that no human alive has ever validated a view that exists ‘outside’ our experience a view that occurs ‘without’ our knowing a view that belongs to some imponderable being that cannot be known to have lived I have lived my entire life under the burden […]

Fixion: Terma of The Terran Collective©

So it is that we, hereinafter referred to as “The Terran Collective” or “TTC”, set forth our common goal as emergent expressions of imponderable life within a similarly emergent and ever-changing experience; the purpose of which is to serve at once as law and as aspiration – one planet, one future, one now – and […]

Handing out hits for free… status quo.

Analysis & Design 101: The Only Guideline You Will Ever Need Question #1: What problem are you attempting to solve? Question #2: Why is it a problem, and what data supports? Question #3: Which (of a continnuum of solutions) mitigates or solves the problem and how? Question #4: How will we prove the problem is […]

Padua Retrospecta; Liminal Infecta

Dragon, Phoenix, East/WestCrow, Owl, West/EastHawk, Dove, North/SouthKestrel, Osprey, South/North Meaghan, espiratu emergent,reality, her ocean; she is a dropknowing itself alive for a flashbefore returning to nestle in the imponderable Grandpa River, Grandma SeaGrandpa Rock, Grandma TreeFather Soil, Mother SeedAll cradle emergent need From imponderable night, comes espiratu emergent, taking flight. The knowledge and experience gathered […]

Active Imagination – The Loop

Active Imagination – The Loop

The first one was created in Amsterdam. The scientific community crowed that humanity had at last conquered the universe; you could step into The Loop and immediately be reborn into another dimension. Not only this, but thanks to the ongoing research, you could even select your future, ex-dimensional body. Of course, we conveniently forget the […]

The Analogous City – Hypertext meets Neocortex – The Pattern

The Analogous City – Hypertext meets Neocortex – The Pattern

Humans have spent all existence confining, defining, and refining concepts of relation between things. Any activity can be defined as a series of state changes whose only common denominators are energy / matter in a positive / negative / imponderable state. The level of refinement needed is inversely proportionate to the level of sustainability expected. The […]