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2022 is not a perfect number

Just to be clear – neither am I. I’m a messy human, just like you. All of you. I share in your generalities, but am unique in my experiences and my expression thereof. Just like you. All of you. My unique experiences are neither inferior nor superior to yours. In that we are humans, they […]

Handing out hits for free… status quo.

Analysis & Design 101: The Only Guideline You Will Ever Need Question #1: What problem are you attempting to solve? Question #2: Why is it a problem, and what data supports? Question #3: Which (of a continnuum of solutions) mitigates or solves the problem and how? Question #4: How will we prove the problem is […]

It’s all being proven!

EPR (popularly known as ‘quantum entanglement’) proves not only that everything is connected, but that everything is interdependent. And by everything, I mean both that which we can observe and that which we never will but can deduce from the negative space containing that scattered information… known ever after to us only as ‘the imponderable’. […]

Data all the doo-dah day (marker)

Data all the doo-dah day (marker)

For those who still do not seem to grok the depth and breadth of sophistication that is only accelerating in surveillance methods and techniques, I submit this paper (one author of which is noted, “Work done at Google.” on the first page). In it, you will find that technology can now parse video, audio, and […]