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Marker: Election 2022

Donald Trump demonstrated on global and political stages alike that the corporate and executive perspective on law is not of one of inviolate directive, but merely of systemic rules to be gamed for profit. Also, that most of the right aisle on The Hill (and more on the left than there should be) largely feel […]

Twitterchive, The first

Never have I ever brought ‘social’ media home so quickly as this. Remind to self and those fortunate enough to grok. Experience! You will return “being” to the local source; It will travel space-time, informing universal reality; Always entangled, paradoxical, regenerative, rippling, Supersymmetry, ever-expanding, ever-collapsing. You will always mattered. All your death. So, live this […]

NCFM is coming… mark your calendar! is on its way… and I cannot wait to hear the presentations and data. Those pumpkin spice people know nothing, Jon Snow, and this conference is at the forefront of flipping the world on its head both figuratively and literally as new findings are consistently up-ending soft-science theory with peer-reviewed, replicated facts. It is […]

A moderately reacted timeline of events

(The reasons for which should be obvious by reading’s end. – ed.) “Misfeasance” is defined as ‘The performance of a legal act in an improper or unlawful manner.’ It is my assertion that certain discrediting and incorrectly defined ‘norms’ have been used to knowingly mischaracterize and miscategorize my experiences, my integrity and honesty in conveying […]

cPTSD and me

Most people jump to the conclusion I had/have PTSD. In fact, I have cPTSD. For reference, all but seven years of my life are trauma, and I’m pretty sure the professionals would say I’m wrong about those seven years, too. This is what ‘toxic stress’ and ‘chronic pain’ and ‘persistent anxiety’ and ‘severe depression’ means… that’s what it IS. That’s also before you add on the every […]