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Cinema Paradiso

a million ways in a million dreams
dream upon dream upon dream
curses and blessings at once
my mind will not let me forget
all the things i’ve never known
all the things i see in your eyes
tender and brutal, without quarter
without rhyme or reason
like i am
like i am
when i think of you
cinema paradiso
outside i wait
upon the fringe, where there is nothing
where there is no one but me
just me and the great, empty quiet
friends, lovers, families, relations
they buzz by me, dancing with life, with one another
but i am still, i am folded
i am untaken, unexplored
i am a cave, a secret, a mountaintop
i wait like only the unknown can
not for all the world
not for any other
not for time or change
only for you
the stage of my life, a horizon
the universe has but one star
climb sweetly climb slowly
i dream by moonlight
for love of you
i curse the sun

(MP3 Available: Cinema Paradiso)