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Comfortable and contented

Whew; I have fair worn myself out getting homework done tonight so I can have the latter half of the weekend off to spend with my friend traveling in from Atlanta.

I am more than a little pleased that I could knock out 1400+ words (not including citations!) on what is, essentially, one of the dryest topics known to mankind (organizational management and psychology). Urgh. I mean, there are damn near metric tons of research and information to shift through, but most of it centers around what are quintessentially human “known factors”. I am constantly boggled by how convoluted and complicated we can make… well… pretty much anything.

I suppose that in the end, it’s more a statement of our insistence upon thinking that convolution and complexity makes things “important” or “meaningful” (rather than merely convoluted and complicated); but I admit this is nothing but my opinion and about as likely to ascend to popularity or “meaning” as finding a dill pickle at a kosher wedding. (wry grin)

Annnnyway… I have a checkpoint on programmatic logic due by Friday and then, nothing more than two posts on four days to meet the discussion/participation requirements in the I.T. class this week; I’m pretty sure I can squeeze those in somewhere between reveling in my friend’s company.

In other news, a possibility thought passed has potentially resurfaced. I cannot say much on it at the moment; will know more sometime late next week. I am cautiously optimistic.

Other than this, it’s mostly juggling information at work, keeping pace with college, making time for simple enjoyments (currently reading ‘Open Heart, Clear Mind’ by Thubten Chodron; and taking time to cuddle kitties and generally keep the meditative and introspective channels clear.

(Aside: I still have not done a damn thing with Dramatica Pro. Maybe I’m not intended to get these books out until I’m retired? Blergh. We’ll see.)

Comfortable life
Slow steps upon the life path
For now, contentment