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Common Ground

Cloudy Seattle
Reminds me of London fog
Seen through a web cam

Thought I missed the sky
Ached even when the sun shined
Now I know the truth

Some things, in missing
They become more sensitive
Revealed to the mind

Labels are lacking
Letters cannot define this
Happy for presence

Active or passive
Just to know it is alive
Thrumming in the heart

Truly, I missed you
Through all days and every night
Hoped that you were well

Selfish I remain
Tamed now by great compassion
Time has allowed growth

More for you than me
This, the goal and intention
Ever, Polaris

Being good to you
Confidante, truly a friend
My only desire

Shush old memories
Soothe them with purer giving
End, a beginning

Here, a shared, clean slate
Let us make beautiful now
Mindful thoughts, commune

And if I say, “love”
Be it heard as, “Agapos”

They say of friendship,
“It is love without its wings.”
I do not need flight

Just to walk with you
Slow footfalls in a shared field
A sweet, common ground

Common Ground (MP3; approx. 2mb)