autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Communativity matters

To weep freely before the cultural hymn of a symphony
To speak wildly regardless both cacophony and irony
To stand with intention at once serene and communally
To commit as do you to peacefulness or tomfoolery
To suffer no demand that benefits an individual more than the specie
To endure as well as possible the inevitability of my own hypocrisy
To burn until the fuel of self-ness, exhausted, mutters quietly
To thereafter gather the leavings rendered most literally
To scatter, to undo, to ease and release as community
To glimpse the secret in plain sight, quantum tides, metaphorically
The greater ocean, imponderable, ejected droplets, emergent, arising sleepily
A lush and fragile trembling, this organic humanity
Animal evolving, but still overly fixated upon the dichotomy
“Delusional” Nash (oh guru!) had it hard but skillful enough was he
To outline the negative space in which hangs the jewel of an objective reality
The Jewel In The Seed Of The Lotus is the pure, sublime bootstrap, “Be.”
An emergent transition state reconstitutes dynamics and is commutativity
However you think of it, no matter how you hold to or which you choose to flee
There’s infinite intersecting collisions, each a universe happening spontaneously
You are, I am, and all others comprising “Humanity” thus shall ever “be”
But none ever to fully sustain in balance what cannot so be sustained collectively
Oh now, the race to a label, yes? Then please, Nike, by all means, to the tree!
But the patterns of ascendancy require more than your own energy!
Just as the chemistry of our brains, just as the ecology of the oceans and seas,
Just as the astronomy of the heavens, just as the mathematics that set us free
Underneath it all, the thread, from which is made the weave…
The matter of the first cause is the viral agent, the mysterious chaotic anomaly
System filters require maintenance, may I suggest redundant redundancy?
Mary had a little lamb, but the one programmed turned out to be me,
If you have the jacks well in hand, of course you should plant your apple tree
But since I’m now approaching inappropriate familiarity,
I’ll merely hold and flourish here, content, if not richly. (oi!)

((Oh, and while I’m at it, I’m still looking for someone to HIRE ME. You can reach me at [name of this blog] (then, com the heck out of that dot, eh?).

The things we do to keep the bots at bay already is disturbing to me. I don’t think ya’ll understand how completely unprepared we are for ANY emergence of artificial intelligence. 

THAT said, I suppose I’d be just as willing to be a participant in a well cared for anthropology or sociology study. Longitudinal, preferred, paid of course. I’d prefer to stay in the industry and role I adore, but let no one get the idea I’m unable or unwilling to switch things up. That first sentence is intended to demonstrate my willingness to go to absurd lengths… hmm, maybe that’s the problem.

Surely not. After all, why not ask for what you actually want? I am. Let’s see what happens.))