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Core Dump In Progress

I have a bad habit of needing repeated confirmation to “prove” that my perception of things is logically valid and sound to reason. It usually takes a few passes, but eventually, I hit the point of effective certainty.

I reached that point today in relation to a recent series of events. The acceptance and acknowledgment that my “read” was correct and thus my choice was/is/remains appropriate has found full validation. I am oddly sad for it. Sad in that way I get when I could see different paths and am standing here having to accept that the only one who really wanted to walk any of them was me.

This is why I say words are cheap, this is why I always wait for actions to prove them, and this is why the utter failure of any to manifest is its own, best evidence in any moment. I’ll not indulge the urge to detail things. In fact, reality, and truth, it is demonstrated to simply no longer matter. All that’s left is to bury it, mark the place, and leave it behind.

Core dump in progress, followed by a seven pass deletion and then, placement of random data to ensure the process is total and unrecoverable.

Bootstrap the process
No further command needed
Than the one given

Red neon, “Abort”,
Confirmed, no counter issued
Processing, please wait…