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Damn dichotomy! Commonality & Pluralism are what we need!

Assertion: The acceptance of the dichotomy is the acceptance of an endless, infinite war between “sides” that struggle for an impossible ascendancy and/or superiority.

Assertion: The very act of declaring “apartness” sets the foundation for dichotomy and entrance to the inescapable conflict.

Assertion: The only noble goal, the only truly beneficent goal, is that which speaks not from a “side”, but from a unilateral, holistic commonality. ONLY THIS.

Other thoughts: Should it come to pass, that one cannot find a statement of commonality around which to foster, organize, and succor all, perhaps one’s energies are better turned to the self-challenge of why that is and, perhaps more importantly, contemplation of the many positive outcomes that are foundered for one’s inability to see beyond one’s own, cherished convictions.

Indeed, perhaps the inability to operate from the position of requisite commonality is the seminal flag of flawed premise and perspective; if so, perhaps the one who will not as eagerly pursue rectification at all costs is no more credible a source of advice or counsel than any other blind zealot.

There are no sides free from bias. This alone is cause enough to strike them from consideration.

What is left? A complex simplicity that reads viscerally well and instantly harsh:

The only right is the human right. The only race is the human race. Thus, the only acceptable ethic is pluralism and the only appropriate law is based on humanistic commonality.

Anything else is merely fuel upon the fire of dichotomy; anything else is fodder for derision, distraction, dismissal, and then? The various dogmas of our animal nature battling our emergent, more cerebral one.

To my mind, we would all do well to work less on challenging others and more on challenging ourselves; teach ourselves the realities of commonality and pluralism and then? Teach them to our children.

Candidly, I suspect we have some evolving to do to get this right for our species. Better we get started! 

(In case it is not clear or obvious, this is my entry to myself; it serves as much as a reference library of my thoughts over time as it is a map filled with markers of specific thoughts and how they evolve as I experience life. It is my “chapel perilous” as well as my virtual “red book”. Kindly bear in mind that I am writing to myself and sharing the thoughts for whatever interest or amusement they may provide any reader.)