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Dependant arising (haiku chain poem)

The night is quiet
Peaceful and without worry
Except what I make

The smallest of it
Here in the evening shadow
Seems all the bigger

Solitude inflates
Making of mice, monoliths
Worry into fear

How it makes me laugh
In the midst of all these tears
Subject and object

This twining, twisting
Dependent arising is
Winter’s coldest frost

Liming this castle
Fortress ’round the beating heart
Chillblain’s gentle play

Think of the spring time
Of sunlight, warmth, and blooming
Seeds breaking through soil

Remember summer
Indolent with fearlessness
Both meek and mighty

Dream of autumn leaves
That care not for their falling
Contented spirals

Oh, how I miss it
Sense of life’s infinity
A mobius strip

Somewhere, I lost it
Between the season’s passing
Cast on fallow ground

I look for it still
In eyes and acts of others
Hoping for succor

There is but one truth
We make our sanctuary
Our restful, right place

What shall I do now?
My place of respite, revealed;
As insufficient?

It is full circle
The chain of links, now complete
Forged hot, but cooling

Metal mala, life
I count its looping, cold beads
Chant mantras of hope

Within peaceful night
Where the only thing rippling
Is my restless mind