autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Fast prose/poem from D*

First time I’ve scrytched off someone online in a while; I find I’ve missed it. 🙂

It’s all mythos.
Fertile forests and fantasies,
mapped like warrens in the mind;
dizzying effervescent dreams
that appear to be silence
as we move swiftly by one another.
My mouth twitches with laughter,
all of life, sublime humor, saudade,
vox populi, a symphony,
meaning everything and nothing at all;
meaning, of course, being where you find it…
in the bottle, in the graveyard, in the church,
it’s all the same, cliche, but true.

Without “you” there is no “me”;
we define ourselves in comparison
or via contrast; their absence rendering silence
in which, all things possible, we dream
We could prove the universe
If only we could learn to prove ourselves
Seeds of possibility, scattered in far fields,
share in a common reach for sunlight

The sun withholds comment.