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Feeling kind of liberated… wow

I thought I would miss social media. I was wrong. Hah. Already, it feels almost like a relief; not to have to check/follow it, not to have to respond, and not to have to feel as if finding cool things online “automatically means sharing them” (lest I be other than a solid community member). Admittedly, I don’t think upon it this directly in any given moment but, in this one, all of this occurs to me and I realize I had become quite “tightly coupled” with my various social media streams; too much, I think… hence the relief.

My daughter is in town at the moment; she’s at the hotel preparing for our dinner and evening at a concert. Her fella arrives tomorrow and the four of us (Me, J., her, and her guy) will be tooling around city center and such through Sunday. I am looking forward to new adventures, fun times, and good memories.

Good stuff, this. 🙂