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Five of Wands, reversed (Stand up and take what is yours)

Today’s Card: Five of Wands, reverse (analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology

In the Five of Wands, we see five people of different colours fighting with each other. The Five of Wands indicates a personal struggle, whether from within or without, and summons you to face the challenges you are experiencing.

The card does not indicate that it is time to quit but that it is time to put forth your very best effort in attaining the goals you have set for yourself. What challenges do you face? How can you deal with them constructively and overcome them?

Card Meaning

The Five of Wands reversed is like a sigh of relief after conflict and struggle. Now the client can afford to relax efforts a bit and reap the benefits of previous promotional efforts. In a more personal sense, one has worked through anger and hostility and feels more secure in interpersonal relationships. One doesn’t feel one has to constantly prove themself anymore. Harmony in affairs. Love of exercise and games. Generosity. New business opportunity. Victory after obstacles are overcome. Expect to have to overcome trickery and deceit to get what you want.

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