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Footnote – GoogleGone

Deleted the account today; I’m not sure how long it will take them to actually purge it all, but it is done.

I am more content than I thought I would be, all things considered.

This place has never been much for scintillating current event commentary (usually just my own, odd little ramblings) and I strongly suspect this will not change until/unless something that triggers one of my few “hot buttons” shows up on my radar:

– Privacy (a la the recent G+ mess, et al)

– Tragedy (a la 9/11, et al)

I rarely (if ever) engage on politics, though I may eventually outline why; I do not argue religion nor am I particularly angry at anyone or anything in the world. So, by and large, this will likely become just another “vanity” site where I blog my rambles, the odd bit of creative writing, and that somewhat essay-ish monologue that I’ve been at for all these years.

Naturally, I’m happy to opine upon [your suggested topic] here, even if it is one of the above; I suspect however that anything I would say likely would not be along the lines of what you’d particularly want to hear unless you’re of a decidedly contemplative, introspective, and holistic/humanistic sort…. caveat emptor, eh?

Morning meander online is complete; college contributions made (but for the small paper due tonight, which I will attend later), the previously mentioned deletion completed, and the checkbook balanced, I’m off to pick up my daughter from the hotel and then… out to the city.

As always, I hope life is treating you well.