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Freyja, Isis, and Friday (haiku chain)

Seid of ancient world
Nestled in silty, salt sands
Lost and forgotten

The Brisingamen
Filigree, encrusted gems
Rests beneath the waves

On forlorn mountain
She sits weeping green-eyed tears
That in sun, sparkle

Like a lullabye
Music of seagulls and sobs
She now walks the beach

Soon, the time to sleep,
Exchange waking dreams as coin,
A ferry passage

The mythic boat
Casting off the castaways
The ferryman stands

Slow, poling passing,
Her hand caresses the waves;
Tiny sliver falls

The last of the shattered,
The missing and errant eye,
Returned, Nile legend

Mixing the symbols
No matter, they are the same,
The seid and distaff

Loop of attraction
Tool for the spinning of wool
Worn upon the neck

Like shattered being
So carefully collected
Cradled, broken clay

Works of alchemy
One thing from another made
Secret recipes

Freyja and Isis
Sister goddesses of old
Home, health, and the hearth

Tonight, far from it
They rock on ancient waters
Whisper memories

Trade all the stories
On behalf of one known true
Who is still unknown